Employee of the Month October 2015

Congratulations to Eddy – CDC’s October 2015 Employee of the Month!


Eddy, who just completed his first year with CDC, recently transitioned from Driver Helper to Pantry Attendant. In his new role, Eddy spends all of his time at one of our largest and most demanding clients providing pantry service. He is already earning rave reviews for his work ethic, organization, attention to detail, and client interaction – our client told us simply: “get me more Eddy’s!”

Employee of the Month September 2015

Congratulations to Juan – CDC’s Employee of the Month for September 2015!


Juan, a route driver, is in his 6th year with CDC. He has an enthusiastic and charismatic personality, which our customers love (we know because they keep telling us!). Equally so, CDC management appreciates Juan’s reliability and willingness to help out wherever he is needed.

Employee of the Month August 2015

Congratulations to Juan – CDC’s Employee of the Month for August 2015.


Juan is about to complete two years of service time with CDC. He is our New Jersey utilityman, handling accounts that require an extra level of pantry service beyond just simple deliveries, and also filling in with whatever special delivery work arises on a given day. His smile is infectious and he is a pleasure to have on our operations team!

Employee of the Month July 2015

Congratulations to Erin – CDC’s Employee of the Month for July 2015!


Erin has been with CDC since 2008. As the billing needs of our clients has grown more complicated over the past couple of years, Erin has used her knowledge of Excel to streamline and automate many aspects of our billing process, allowing us to offer more options to our clients without drowning in paperwork. 

Erin has also spearheaded the project of getting our new online ordering website operational, including setting up thousands of product descriptions and images, to give our web customers a much more user-friendly online ordering experience.

Employee of the Month June 2015

Congratulations to Denisse – CDC’s Employee of the Month for June 2015!


Denisse is about to complete her 1st full year with CDC, and she already stands out and a high performer. As a pantry attendant, Denisse reports to work at one of our clients’ offices, and spends all of her time there, providing hands-on service at the pantry level.

The current client she works with requires her shift to start at 2:00 AM (you read that right!). When Denisse is assigned to a client, we know that all of the little details will be taken care of and our customer will be very happy with our service.

Employee of the Month May 2015

Congratulations to Oswaldo – CDC’s Employee of the Month for May 2015!

Oswaldo, a member of our AM Warehouse crew, is in his 8th year with CDC. His warehouse responsibilities include stocking and preparing our paper aisle for our nighttime packers. In addition, he is a talented handyman who assists our head mechanic with repairs around the warehouse. In particular, Oswaldo is able to put his auto body talents to work with our ever-growing fleet of delivery trucks.

Employee of the Month April 2015

Congratulations to Ernie – CDC’s Employee of the Month for April 2015!


Ernie, in his 6th year with the company, is a route driver whose route services the needs of just one customer – a large pharmaceutical company in New Jersey with unique service needs and campuses in several different towns. Ernie represents CDC’s willingness to adjust our services to meet the needs and desires of our clients. He provides “full service” support at the pantry level, and willingly helps out others on days when he is able to finish his route early.

Employee of the Month February 2015

Congratulations to Anand, CDC’s February 2015 Employee of the Month!


Anand recently passed the quarter-century mark – 25+ years with CDC and still going strong! As a reliable field technician, Anand is a key member of our service department. This past month he stood out with his outstanding work upgrading the equipment at one of our largest customers, with several locations around New York City.

Employee of the Month January 2015

Congratulations to Miguel, CDC’s January 2015 Employee of the Month!

Miguel is in his 8th year with CDC. He handles a difficult but essential role as an “Extra Driver” – meaning he does not have a set delivery route, but he fills in where he is needed. Miguel has shown the ability to help out with any route, including routes that require extremely early morning service, with professionalism and dedication.

Employee of the Month December 2014

Congratulations to Andy – CDC’s December 2014 Employee of the Month!

Andy is in his 4th year with CDC as a customer service representative in our repair department. He stands out by providing great service to our clients over the phone and via email, often helping them troubleshoot equipment problems, and putting them at ease if the service call requires a visit from a technician. 

Andy has also steadily taken on more responsibilities within the increasingly-complex service department, including paperwork, scheduling, reporting and billing. 

Employee of the Month November 2014

Congratulations to Gene – CDC’s November 2014 Employee of the Month!

Gene is a repair technician based out of New Jersey facility.

In addition to his excellent repair work on our customers’ coffee equipment, Gene is being recognized for his “above and beyond” contributions during our recent move from Union, NJ to Edison, NJ. No task was too big or too small. Gene was a key contributor to making sure the transition to our new building went smoothly, allowing us to continue to offer a high level of service to our New Jersey clients, without disruption. 

Employee of the Month October 2014

Congratulations to Brian – CDC’s October 2014 Employee of the Month!


Brian is about to complete his 14th year with CDC. He is a “hands on” route driver who treats his delivery route like his own business. Thanks to his constant interaction with our clients and our office staff, Brian is able to identify and resolve many issues before they become serious problems. If your location is on Brian’s route, you certainly know him well; Brian is definitely not shy!

Employee of the Month September 2014

Congratulations Napoleon -- CDC's September 2014 Employee of the Month!


Napoleon is a member of our 20+ year club -- in fact, he's about to reach his 22nd anniversary with CDC! 

For more than a decade, Napoleon has been in his current role as the driver for Route 18, servicing clients in midtown Manhattan. He is dependable, neat and accurate with his paperwork, and polite and courteous with both co-workers and customers alike. 

Employee of the Month August 2014

Congratulations Humberto -- CDC's August 2014 Employee of the Month!
Humberto is in his 8th year with CDC, following in the footsteps of his father, a long-time vending technician.


Humberto had been a member of our AM warehouse team for several years, before joining our overnight crew about a year ago. He has thrived in his new position, working efficiently and accurately with little supervision, earning the respect of both management and his peers.  

Employee of the Month July 2014

Congratulations Todd -- CDC's July 2014 Employee of the Month!
Todd is a Bench Technician in our New Jersey office, in his 6th year with CDC. Our New Jersey General Manager called Todd "an unspoken leader in the New Jersey service department" based on his wealth of knowledge and helpfulness training new hires.  


When he isn't repairing or refurbishing equipment, Todd can often be found refreshing our sales team on the features of the equipment that we offer. He is also responsible for cleaning, organizing, and tagging all equipment kept in inventory in New Jersey -- since Todd has taken ownership of this task, the level of organization of our New Jersey equipment warehouse has improved dramatically. 

Employee of the Month June 2014

Congratulations, Elisa -- CDC's June 2014 Employee of the Month!


Elisa is in her 6th year with CDC. As Dispatcher, Elisa serves a key role as the bridge between our delivery drivers and our customers and customer service staff. She has excellent customer service skills, works efficiently under pressure, and is well-liked and respected by her co-workers.

Over the past few weeks, Elisa has gone above and beyond, covering two shifts until we can get another dispatcher hired and trained. Starting her days with the earliest route drivers at 4:30 AM and working through most of the afternoon, Elisa has maintained the same high-level of productivity we have come to expect, and has proved to be very deserving of this recognition.

Employee of the Month May 2014

Congratulations to our dual winners of CDC's May 2014 Employee of the Month award -- Route Drivers Luis and Omar!


In their special "Late Driver" role, Luis and Omar start their days a little later than the rest of our delivery team, and handle emergency "today" orders that are called in during the morning.

At CDC we have always considered an empty coffee pantry to be a true emergency, and Luis and Omar are key to our ability to handle those emergencies within hours, instead of the next day. Most of our drivers like to beat the traffic and hit the road by 5AM or 6AM -- making "late" deliveries in Manhattan is not an easy job!

Over the past few months, this duo has taken on another responsibility, stocking pantries for one of our high-profile tech clients with unique after-hours needs. Pantry Service for companies that wish to provide a wide array of free snacks and beverages to their staff is a growing part of our business model, and thanks to flexible, hard-working members of our team like Luis and Omar, we are able to make sure our clients' needs are met.