Seasonal Green Mountain Golden French Toast

With Winter upon us, Green Mountain Golden French Toast is now available! 

Enjoy the comforting flavors (and sensational aromas!) of warm, buttered French Toast.

Order now, why supplies last! Golden French Toast is sold in K-Cups (code GMKGFT) and 2.2 ounce fractional packs (code X139). 

Top-Selling K-Cups of 2015

Let’s look back at 2015 and analyze our top selling K-Cups. 

Once again, 87.9% of our K-Cup sales were coffee, while Tea accounted for only 10.8%, and Indulgence drinks 1.3%.

Green Mountain continues to dominate as the top brand, with 65.3% of sales, though other brands are gaining market share. Starbucks ranked 2nd with 8.3% of sales, followed by Celestial Seasonings, Coffee People, Twinings, and many other smaller brands.


Green Mountain Dark Magic continues to rank as our most popular K-Cup, accounting for 9% of K-Cup sales! The rest of the top ten list for 2015 is below:

  • Green Mountain Dark Magic (GMKDM)
  • Green Mountain Fair Trade Colombian (GMKS)
  • Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (GMKBB)
  • Green Mountain French Roast (GMKF)
  • Green Mountain Hazelnut (GMKH)
  • Green Mountain French Vanilla (GMKFV)
  • Coffee People Donut Shop Original (KDONUT)
  • Green Mountain Nantucket Blend (GMKNAN)
  • Starbucks Café Verona (KSBCV)
  • Starbucks Pike Place (KPP)

Celebrate The Holiday Season With Green Mountain

The Holiday season is perhaps the most popular, as far as Green Mountain’s seasonal coffees are concerned. Three different holiday coffees are available, all for a limited time!


Green Mountain Gingerbread is available in K-Cups (code: GMKGING) and 2.2-ounce fractional packs (X348).

Green Mountain Holiday Blend is available in K-Cups (code: GMKHOL).

Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog is available in K-Cups (code: GMKEGG).

Swiss Miss K-Cups Price Reduction!

Good news for K-Cup lovers! We are reducing our sell price on Swiss Miss K-Cups (code KSMC).


We are now pricing Swiss Miss K-Cups the same as the Café Escapes line of cocoas. With Green Mountain’s Café Escapes production currently disrupted, try Swiss Miss as a replacement. Packed 24 per box, 96 per case.

More Starbucks K-Cups Now Available

The premium Starbucks K-Cup lineup has proved to be very popular since its debut, and now the array of offerings has grown by 50%! Breakfast Blend (medium roast) and French Roast (dark roast) are now available!


The full Starbucks K-Cup lineup, with our product codes, is listed below:

  • KSBV – Starbucks Veranda Blonde    
  • KSBB – Starbucks Breakfast Blend 
  • KSBCV – Starbucks Café Verona     
  • KPPD – Starbucks Decaf Pike Place 
  • KSF – Starbucks French Roast 
  • KPP – Starbucks Pike Place     

Pumpkin Spice K-Cups Now Available

Of all the seasonal K-Cups, Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice is far and away the most popular each and every year. We just received our allotment for this Fall, so order your share now before this limited-time treat is sold out for 2015! Order using code: GMKPUMP.


Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice will also be available in 2.2-ounce fractional packs (code: X395), although we have not yet received delivery to our warehouse. We expect to have ground Pumpkin Spice available for sale to our non-Keurig customers within 1-2 weeks.

Cinnabon K-Cups Replacing Cinnamon Roll

Green Mountain has announced a SKU change to its K-Cup lineup. The popular Cinnabon brand is coming soon to a Keurig machine near you!


Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cups (code: GMKCINB) are now available for purchase. This new flavor is priced the same as the standard Green Mountain K-Cup coffees, and packed 24 per box, 96 per case.

Cinnabon K-Cups will replace Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll K-Cups. We have a limited supply of Donut House Cinnamon Roll K-Cups left in stock – once our currently supply sells out, it will be discontinued. 

However, the rest of the Donut House Collection line of K-Cups – Donut House Coffee, Donut House Decaf, and Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut – will still be available. This SKU change only affects the Cinnamon Roll K-Cups.

GMCR Spring-Summer Seasonal Coffees

This year, Green Mountain is offering two different Spring/Summer seasonal coffees and both are now in stock and ready for you to order – Island Coconut and Summer Sunrise!


Green Mountain Island Coconut is available in K-Cups (code: GMKIC) and 2.2-ounce fractional packs (code: X89).

Green Mountain Summer Sunrise is available in K-Cups only (code: GMKSS).

Mars Drinks and K-Cups On The Rise

Recently, both Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (producer of K-Cups) and Mars Drinks, Inc. (producer of Alterra Coffees and Bright Teas for the Flavia Beverage System) have announced general price increases.  

Click here to read Keurig's price increase announcement.

Click here to read Mars Drinks' price increase announcement.

In response, we will implement the following pricing action:

  • Keurig Green Mountain K-Cups 22/24 count will all be increased by 38 cents per box and $1.52/case of 4 boxes.
  • Mars Drinks pricing will increase 30 cents per rail ($1.50/case of 5 rails and $1.20/case of 4 rails).

By taking full advantage of the manufacturers' "buy-in" price protection, CDC is able to hold off on this price increase until December 5, 2014.  

Are you looking for a more cost effective coffee system that delivers the convenience of brew by pack technology, great taste and affordable pricing?  Please consider our Estate Select Pod coffee.  Contact us for details about our free trial offer.

Wolfgang Puck Colombian K-Cups Discontinued

We have sold out of Wolfgang Puck Colombian K-Cups, and they are no longer available from the manufacturer.
The following Wolfgang Puck K-Cups ARE still available:

  • Wolfgang Puck Breakfast In Bed (WPKBB)
  • Wolfgang Puck Creme Caramel (WPKCC)
  • Wolfgang Puck Decaf Colombian (WPKDEC)
  • Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy (WPKJAM)

These Wolfgang Puck K-Cups Are Still Available


As a substitute for Wolfgang Puck Colombian, we suggest Green Mountain Fair Trade Colombian (GMKS). Follow this link to peruse our complete K-Cup list.

Questions about K-Cups or any of our other coffees? Contact us today!

Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Season!

As Summer winds down, that means Autumn approaches and it's time for Green Mountain's most popular seasonal coffee flavor: Pumpkin Spice!


GMCR Pumpkin Spice: Ground Or K-Cup


Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice is now available in K-Cups (GMKPUMP) and 2.2-ounce ground fractional packs (X395). Get your order in while supplies last! This one always flies off of our shelves!

Click to learn more about all of Green Mountain's Fair Trade seasonal coffees.

Snapple Iced Tea K-Cups Available

Green Mountain has partnered with Snapple to offer a new line of iced tea K-Cups -- now available for delivery to your office by CDC!

  • Snapple Lemon Iced Tea (CDC Code: SKITL)
  • Snapple Peach Iced Tea (CDC Code: SKITP)
  • Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea (CDC Code: SKITR)

These drinks are meant to be brewed over ice and will replace Green Mountain's line of "Perfect Iced Teas" as inventories are depleted.


Try These New Snapple K-Cups Today!


Contact us to add these items to your catalog, or to learn more about installing a Keurig brewer in your office!


Peet's K-Cups Now Available!

CDC's K-Cup menu continues to grow! We are excited to announce that the popular Peet's coffee brand is now available in a K-Cup.

Two new products are available:

  • Peet's Major Dickason's Blend (CDC Code: PKMJ)
  • Peet's Cafe Domingo (CDC Code: PKCD)

Peet's K-Cups Now Available!


Major Dickason's Blend is considered a deep roast, while Cafe Domingo is a medium roast coffee.

Peet's coffee continues to be available in whole bean as well as ground fractional packs. We also carry Peet's teas.

Whether you want the convenience of a single-cup Keurig machine, the freshness of bean-to-cup, or a batch brew system, Peet's is now available to your office, through CDC. Contact us today!

Green Mountain Spring Season: Island Coconut Coffee

Green Mountain Island Coconut coffee is back for the Spring and Summer of 2014!


Green Mountain Seasonal Island Coconut


Island Coconut is available in both 2.2 ounce fractional packs (X89) and K-Cups (GMKIC). Like the rest of Green Mountain's seasonal coffee lineup, Island Coconut is Fair Trade certified.

Learn more on our Green Mountain Seasonal Coffee page!

Decaf Eight O'Clock K-Cups Now Available

Attention Keurig users: we've added a third option to our Eight O'Clock coffee lineup: Original Decaf.


Order using product code KEIGHTD. Also try the other Eight O'Clock coffees: Original (KEIGHT) and Hazelnut (KEIGHTH).

Note that K-Cup coffees can only be used with Keurig single-cup brewers. Don't yet have one in your office? Check out the available Keurig single-cup coffee brewers and ask us about a free trial!

Golden French Toast Season Is Here

Green Mountain's Winter season is upon us -- Golden French Toast coffee is now in stock!


Green Mountain Winter Seasonal Golden French Toast


Golden French Toast is available in both 2.2 ounce fractional packs (X139) and K-Cups (GMKGFT).

Keep track of all of Green Mountain's Fair Trade seasonal coffees on our Green Mountain Seasonal Coffee page!

What Were Our Top Selling K-Cups Of 2013?

In 2013, we sold 102 different K-Cup SKU's representing 16 different brands.

By category, our sales broke down as 86.2% coffee, 11.6% tea, 2.1% indulgence, and 0.1% over-ice. This breakdown is in line with the year prior, with a slight shift towards more tea and indulgence K-Cups. 


By brand, Green Mountain (69.4%) was the top seller, followed by Celestial Seasonings, Coffee People, Twinings, Wolfgang Puck, Starbucks, Newman's Own, Cafe Escapes, Gloria Jean, Tully's, Diedrich, Green Mountain Naturals, Caribou, Eight O'Clock, Emeril's, and Maxwell House. Twinings and Starbucks were our fastest-growing brands versus 2012.


2013 Top Ten Selling K-Cup Coffees and Teas For Keurig Brewers:

  • Green Mountain Dark Magic Coffee
  • Green Mountain Colombian Fair Trade Select Coffee
  • Green Mountain French Roast Coffee
  • Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee
  • Green Mountain Hazelnut Coffee
  • Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee
  • Green Mountain French Vanilla Coffee
  • Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Coffee
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea
  • Green Mountain Sumatra Coffee

Notable changes from the 2012 top ten list include Colombian moving up to the #2 spot, Nantucket Blend moving up to the #8 spot, and Sumatra cracking the top ten in place of Vermont Country Blend. English Breakfast was the second-best selling tea behind Green Tea.

But Dark Magic once again dominated the charts, accounting for a whopping 9.3% of all K-Cup sales!

Follow these links for a complete K-Cup list or to view all available Green Mountain products, including seasonal flavors.

Curious about bringing single-cup coffee to your office? Check out the available Keurig single-cup coffee brewers and ask us about a free trial!

Green Mountain Holiday Seasonal Coffees

The Holiday season is upon us, and Green Mountain Gingerbread and Spicy Eggnog coffees are now available.


Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog and Gingerbread Coffees


Gingerbread and Spicy Eggnog are both available in K-Cups (GMKGING and GMKEGG). Gingerbread is also available in 2.2 ounce fractional packs (X348).

Both of these coffees are Fair Trade certified. Learn more on our Green Mountain Seasonal Coffee page!