Video Demo: Flavia C150 How To Brew

The Flavia C150 is the newest single-cup coffee brewer from Mars Drinks. It brews the full range of Alterra Coffees, Bright Teas, and two-pack indulgence drinks, quickly and easily. Check out the below videos, courtesy of Mars Drinks, to see for yourself! 

UPDATE: In April, 2014, Mars drinks released an updated "How To Brew" video:


Visit our machine spec page to learn more about the Flavia C150 brewer and see additional photos.

Contact us today! Coffee Distributing Corp. is the largest Flavia distributor in the New York tri-state area. Ask us about a free trial for your office!

Order Nespresso Through CDC

CDC is pleased to announce that we now offer Nespresso as an additional office espresso option!

Over the years, our customers have increasingly asked us about Nespresso, which is extremely popular in Europe, as well as here in the U.S. as an in-home brew system. We now carry the commercial Nespresso Zenius single-cup espresso brewer, and a full line of capsules!


Nespresso Zenius Espresso Brewer


The Nespresso Zenius is an easy-to-use single-cup machine with three brew options: Ristretto (factory setting 25 ml), Espresso (40 ml), or Lungo (110 ml). Insert your capsule, select your brew size, and enjoy!

Check out our complete Nespresso Zenius equipment page, or download the Zenius PDF sell sheet.


Nespresso Espresso Capsules


Products available for use with your Nespresso brewer include:

  • NESRI - Ristretto Origin India
  • NESR - Ristretto
  • NESEF - Espresso Forte
  • NESEL - Espresso Leggero
  • NESLF - Lungo Forte
  • NESLL - Lungo Leggero
  • NESED - Espresso Decaffeinato
  • NESLD - Lungo Decaffeinato

Nespresso makes a great addition to your existing office coffee lineup. Contact us today for more information!

Video Demo: Flavia C200 How To Brew

The Flavia C200 single-cup coffee machine can be used to brew Mars Drinks' entire line of coffees, teas, and more exotic "2-pack" indulgence drinks. Check out the short video clips below, courtesy of Mars Drinks, to learn how easy it is to brew the full range of options. 

UPDATE: In April 2014, Mars Drinks released the below updated "How To Brew" video:

Your Flavia merchandiser can support every Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea option, as well as all of the two-pack drink combinations you see above (plus many more -- experimentation is encouraged!). Contact us today to add more drinks to your merchandiser -- ask us about "split drawers" to maximize variety without taking up all of your counter space!

Visit our machine spec page to learn more about the Flavia C200 brewer and see additional specs and photos.

Interested in what you see? Coffee Distributing Corp. is the largest Flavia distributor in the New York tri-state area -- contact us to learn more or inquire about a free trial!

Video Demo: Flavia C400 How To Brew

The Flavia C400 single-cup coffee machine can be used to brew a tremendous variety of fresh, interesting beverages in under a minute. Check out the short video clips below, courtesy of Mars Drinks, to see quick demos of both simple and more exotic brew options. Two-pack drink capability gives Flavia a huge leg-up on competing office coffee systems -- learn how easy it is to take advantage of this feature! 

UPDATE: In April 2014, Mars Drinks released this updated "How To Brew" video:

Best of all, there is virtually no limit to the variety that you can offer. One Flavia merchandiser can support every Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea option, as well as all of the two-pack drink combinations you see above (plus many more -- creativity is encouraged!). Contact us today to add more drinks to your merchandiser (ask us about "split drawers" for maximum variety) or for help activating two-pack drinks if the feature may have been previously disabled on your brewer!

Visit our machine spec page to learn more about the Flavia C400 brewer and see additional photos.

Interested in what you see? Coffee Distributing Corp. is the largest Flavia distributor in the New York tri-state area -- contact us to learn more or inquire about a free trial!

Starbucks Beans New Case Size

Starbucks one-pound bags of beans, previously packed 12 per case, are now sold 6 per case.

We carry a wide variety of Starbucks whole bean coffees, including:

  • Breakfast Blend (SBUCKBB)
  • Caffe Verona (SBUCKV1)
  • Decaf Caffe Verona (SBUCKVD)
  • Decaf House Blend (SBUCKD1)
  • French Roast (SBUCKFR)
  • House Blend (SBUCKH1)
  • Pikes Place (SBUCKPP1)
  • Sumatra (SBUCKS1)

New Starbucks Office Coffee Packaging


Brew Starbucks coffee right at your workplace, with a Starbucks Interactive Cup or Starbucks Mini Interactive Cup brewer!

We also sell ground Starbucks coffee in 2.5-ounce fractional packs, for brewing in your traditional coffee pot system.

New Flavia C150 Office Coffee Brewer

We are very excited to unveil the newest addition to Flavia's single-cup brewer lineup -- the C150. The C150 is a small-office brewer. For larger offices with heavier usage, the C400 brewer is still the best single-cup option.

The C150 is a pour-over brewer with a small footprint (it measures 14.4" high x 9.1" wide x 13.5" deep). The water tank actually detaches, to make refilling neat and easy. The brew head is vertically-adjustable to accommodate different sizes of cups or mugs. It can brew the entire range of Mars Drinks, including Alterra Coffee, Bright Tea, and two-pack drinks such as cappuccino.


Flavia C150 Office Brewer


How is the C150 different from the Flavia C200 brewer?

The C150 is smaller, lighter, and slightly less expensive than the C200, Flavia's mid-size office coffee brewer. Both models can brew the entire range of Mars Drinks, and neither features auto-eject of spent packets (unique to the C400 model). One key advantage of the C200 is that it can be plumbed-in to a water line or be used as a pour-over machine. The C150 strictly operates as a pour-over brewer.

How is the C150 different from the Flavia SB100 brewer?

Flavia's previous small office brewer was the SB100. The C150 takes its place with several upgrades. The biggest change is that the C150 can brew two-pack drinks. The C150's removable water tank and adjustable brew head are two smaller improvements that users of the SB100 will appreciate greatly.

Interested in bringing single cup coffee to your workplace? Contact us to inquire about a free trial!

CDC At The JFK Airport Chamber of Commerce Expo

We participate in a ton of shows and events, using every opportunity to network with our customers and show off our range of products and services. Here's a shot from last week's annual JFK Airport Chamber of Commerce Expo:


Chamber of Commerce Show JFK Airport


Coffee Distributing Corp.'s table included (from left to right) a Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer, Douwe Egberts C-60, Flavia C400.


Chamber of Commerce Show JFK Airport


Follow the links above to learn more about each of these brewers. Whether you're affiliated with the airport, a restaurant, cafe, hospital, or office, we are here to serve you! Contact us today to learn more about which solution may be right for you!

How Do Flavia Single Cup Brewers Work?

The Flavia brewer is our most popular single-cup office coffee solution -- for quality, on-demand coffee, customized to each user's taste, with no waste or clean-up. It is important to note that this is NOT instant coffee, but real, fresh brewed coffee, one cup at a time. So how does it work?


Flavia Filterpack X-Ray


Each Alterra coffee filterpack contains real ground coffee and an individual filter. Your coffee is brewed the same way a pot of coffee is brewed in a traditional drip coffee maker, just on a smaller scale. First, a quick burst of air opens up the sealed packet. Then, pressurized hot water is injected into the filterpack, your coffee is brewed, and it flows out the bottom of the packet, through the embedded filter and into your waiting cup.

There is no contact between beverage and machine. Your coffee is brewed inside the packet, and dispensed directly into your waiting cup -- a sanitary solution with no clean-up!


Brewing Flavia Coffee Packets Before And After


We carry a variety of Flavia brewers, including the popular C400 (large office) and C200 (smaller office) models. Follow the links to learn about all of the Alterra Coffee Roasters coffees and Bright Tea Company teas that are available -- the beauty of single-cup brew systems is that each user can satisfy his or her taste without having to brew an entire pot.

Contact us to learn about trying a Flavia system in your office!

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Ice Machines For Easy Iced Coffee and Tea

Beat the heat! Did you know that Coffee Distributing Corp. leases ice machines? For a low monthly fee, we can provide you with a small table-top ice-maker. Sit it right next to your coffee maker to give your staff or customers another refreshment option!


Kool Tek Office Ice Machine


We have previously blogged about some of the fun iced tea drinks that you can brew -- particularly if you have one of the popular Flavia or Keurig single-cup brewers. Realizing that not all offices have easy access to ice, we sourced this ice maker as an affordable and convenient option.

With a footprint of just 14" wide by 17.75" high by 16" deep, and a capacity of approximately 150 ice cubes, we hope you will agree that this machine is worth a look. It is UL-listed, requires little energy, and can be plumbed-in or used as a pour-over. Download the counter-top ice maker PDF and contact us to learn more!

New Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Machines!

2013 UPDATE: Unfortunately, Dunkin' Donuts coffee is no longer available in the office coffee or food service market. Luckily we carry countless alternatives for every population size and price point. Learn more about the original Douwe Egberts C-60, or contact us to consult with one of our office refreshments experts to evaluate your options.

Upgrade Your Flavia Merchandiser!

Attention Mars Drinks customers -- are you getting the most out of your merchandiser? Let us help you to make sure your Flavia merchandiser is attractive and presentable, and offers your staff a good variety of coffee and tea options. Did you know that Mars Drinks currently offers 17 different coffees and 10 different teas -- plus 3 indulgent packs and an endless number of possible "two-pack" combinations -- ALL of which you can offer, even with just a standard 18-drawer merchandiser?


Flavia Merchandiser Configurations


How? The answer is split drawers, and don't worry if that sounds confusing -- we're here to help. Free of charge, one of our expert office coffee consultants will be happy to visit your office, review your current drink offerings, and recommend changes. We have all of the labels and dividers to leave your merchandiser looking new and inviting. We might even leave behind free samples of some new drinks to try...


Flavia Merchandiser Split Drawer Cards


All of the Alterra coffees are sold for the same price, and the Bright Teas are also line priced (except for Japanese Green) -- so by adding drinks, you aren't actually spending more money. Offering up more options is just a great way to keep things interesting in the office -- and to keep a greater number of people satisfied with their choices.


Flavia Merchandiser Drawers


Don't force everyone to choose between a limited number of coffee options when Mars Drinks offers a wide variety: from Light & Smooth, to Medium & Bright, Medium & Balanced, Dark & Intense, Decaf, and Flavored! Likewise, Bright Teas are available across several different categories: Black Teas, Green Teas, Flavored Teas, and Herbals.

Not yet using Flavia brewers in your office? Ask us about a free trial!

Fresh Starbucks Coffee Without Leaving Your Office!

Your employees don't have to waste time leaving the office (or throw away several dollars per cup) to enjoy real, fresh, Starbucks coffee during the workday. The Starbucks Mini Interactive Cup brewer grinds Starbucks beans on demand, brewing one cup of coffee at a time.

The Mini iCup has the same features as the original Starbucks iCup Brewer, but its smaller footprint makes it more convenient, especially when pantry space is tight. We are seeing very positive results with Starbucks machines in mid-size offices of 50+ people, and public locations such as automobile show-rooms. Users react very well to the Starbucks brand and see it as a true perk.


Starbucks Mini


The iCup brewer offers a pair of two-pound hoppers, which you fill with two different Starbucks beans -- often one regular and one decaf. An internal hopper holds powdered cocoa for hot chocolate beverages, and a hot water option accommodates tea drinkers (Tazo tea is owned by Starbucks, and we sell several other brands of tea bags as well).

At the push of a button, the iCup brewer measures out the beans, grinds them, and brews one hot, fresh cup of coffee. There is no waste, and the entire process takes about a minute per cup.


Starbucks One Pound Bean Coffee


Starbucks beans that we currently stock include:

  • Starbucks Breakfast Blend (SBUCKBB)
  • Starbucks Decaf House Blend (SBUCKD1)
  • Starbucks Estima Blend (SBUCKE1)
  • Starbucks French Roast (SBUCKFR)
  • Starbucks House Blend (SBUCKH1)
  • Starbucks Sumatra (SBUCKS1)
  • Starbucks Caffe Verona (SBUCKV1)
  • Starbucks Caffe Verona Decaf (SBUCKVD)

Check out our Starbucks Mini iCup page to learn more, or explore some of the other office coffee machines that we carry. Contact us for a no-obligation free trial!

Single-Cup Coffee? 9 Reasons To Choose Flavia

We are the office refreshments experts: we sell Flavia, Keurig, Tassimo, and all of the single-cup office coffee solutions. We turn a huge volume of Mars Drinks filterpacks and K-Cups through our warehouse -- tens of millions of each per year -- so we are equipped to handle any customer need.

However, our experience with single-cup coffee brewers has led us to conclude that the Flavia system is the better solution for most situations. Here are some reasons why:

1 ) Cross Contamination The Flavia system brews your drink inside of the filterpack, and dispenses directly into your cup without any contact with the brewer. In contrast, other single-cup systems allow cross-contamination in the brew chamber. If you brew a flavored coffee K-Cup and then a regular coffee K-cup, the 2nd cup of coffee may contain some residual flavor taste. If you brew a hot chocolate K-Cup and then a tea K-Cup, the cross-contamination will be significant.

It is recommended that after a hot chocolate brew, you run water through the Keurig brewer to help cleanse the system. Tassimo recommends a daily cleaning cycle, especially if you are brewing milk-based drinks. For your Flavia brewer, these actions are not necessary.

2 ) Taste Even ignoring the cross-contamination issue and comparing perfect brew to perfect brew, we are confident that the Flavia system will equal or beat both Keurig and Tassimo in a blind taste-test. Green Mountain K-Cups may have had the advantage in the past, but the new Alterra Coffee Roasters coffees and Bright Tea Company teas (reformulated and available since Fall 2010) in Flavia filterpacks represent a tremendous step forward in quality. If you tried Flavia in the past but have not yet tasted the new Alterra Coffees and Bright Teas, we strongly urge a taste test. For hot chocolate drinkers, Mars Drinks' Dove Hot Chocolate is a delicious treat.


3 ) Two-Pack Drinks A wide variety of K-Cups are available, but each is a standalone drink. The Flavia system introduced the "two-pack drink" concept. The special Cappuccino Swirl and Milky Way Swirl filterpacks are only meant to be brewed in combination with a coffee or tea packet, using one of the two-pack drink options: Cappuccino or Latte. Select one of these brew options and the machine will adjust its brew volume accordingly, and prompt you when to load your coffee or tea filterpack and when to load the "indulgence" filterpack. Two-Pack drinks add dozens of additional drink options to Flavia's repertoire. Among them: Cappuccino (which can be made with any coffee packet plus Cappuccino Swirl), Chai Latte, Raspberry Truffle, and countless more. Experimentation is encouraged!


Flavia Indulgent Drinks


The Tassimo system also has double-brew options with milk-based T-Discs, but it requires daily sanitizing. No sanitizing is necessary with Flavia brewers due to the unique design of their filterpacks.

4 ) Offer Greater Variety In Your Pantry In terms of variety, K-Cups appear to hold the edge over both Flavia and Tassimo, with over 100 offerings. However, three considerations narrow the gap between Keurig and Flavia, and even tilt the comparison in Flavia's favor: brand overlap, two-pack drinks, and space requirements.

Firstly, there is significant overlap among the various K-Cup brands -- as an example: Diedrich, Green Mountain, Timothy's, Tully's, and Wolfgang Puck all offer a French Roast K-Cup, and you are unlikely to want more than one version of French Roast. So in effect, the Keurig's "variety" is less impressive than it initially seems.

Secondly, two-pack drinks multiply the variety of drinks that your Flavia machine can brew. Each of the 17 Alterra Coffees and 10 Bright Teas can be combined with Cappuccino Swirl to create a unique Cappuccino or Latte.


Flavia Merchandiser vs. Keurig K-Cup Rack


Thirdly, no matter how many different K-Cups we have available for sale, there is a limit to how many you can actually offer on your limited counter space. A typical K-Cup rack accommodates eight different boxes of K-Cups (8 different blends), while a Tassimo rack houses 12 different sleeves. In contrast, a standard Flavia merchandiser, with approximately the same footprint as a K-Cup rack, has 18 drawers. Using split drawers, one merchandiser can offer all 30 Mars Drinks and accommodate all two-pack drink options. It would take four K-Cup racks (and four times as much space) to offer as much variety.

5 ) Less Space Required A case of K-Cups contains fewer drinks (96) than a case of Mars Drinks filterpacks (100), and takes up more space. In an office environment -- especially in Manhattan -- space is at a premium. An 8-box Keurig rack holds 192 drinks (8 boxes of 24), while an 18-drawer Flavia merchandiser holds more than 800 drinks (40 coffees per drawer or 80 teas per drawer).


Keurig Cases vs Flavia Cases


A case of Flavia measures 4.9 inches high by 6.3 inches wide, while a case of K-Cups is 8.5 inches tall and 9.2 inches wide. They have similar depths.

Bottom line: whether you consider displaying drinks to the end user or storing extra cases of product in your cupboards, Mars Drinks are packed much more efficiently than K-Cups. T-Discs, packed 16 per wrapped sleeve and 80 per case, are also packed less efficiently vs. Flavia.

6 ) Smaller Carbon Footprint Related to #5: since Mars Drinks filterpacks are packed much more efficiently than K-Cups, they not only take up less space in your pantry, but they also take up less space on the tractor trailers that deliver to our warehouse, as well as on our trucks that deliver to you. A smaller space requirement translates to more product packed per truck, and therefore fewer trucks on the road and fewer gallons of gasoline burned.

To translate this into numbers, it is important to understand that at our high volume of sales, we always purchase Mars Drinks filterpacks and K-Cups by the full trailer load. Contrast:

  • Full trailer of K-Cups: 22 pallets * 105 cases per pallet * 96 drinks per case = 221,760 drinks per trailer
  • Full trailer of Mars Drinks: 24 pallets * 300 cases per pallet * 100 drinks per case = 720,000 drinks per trailer
  • Tassimo: We do not sell enough volume to warrant full trailer loads

Carbon Footprint Keurig K-Cups Vs. Flavia


Not only does it take more than 3 trailers of K-Cups to deliver as many drinks as 1 trailer of Mars Drinks filterpacks, but those trailers are driving a much longer distance. From Green Mountain in Waterbury, Vermont to our warehouse in Garden City Park, New York is a distance of over 330 miles. From Mars Drinks in West Chester, Pennsylvania to CDC is just over 140 miles. The net result of less efficient packing and greater travel distance is over six times more fuel consumption (and carbon dioxide emissions) in the delivery process.

7 ) Greener Equipment The newest Flavia brewers -- the C400 large-office and C200 small-office models -- come with two key energy-saving features that give Flavia a tremendous energy-efficiency advantage. The net result is that these Flavia brewers use almost 40% less energy than their Keurig counterparts.


Flavia Energy Saving Graph


Its energy-saving mode reduces Flavia's energy usage significantly during dormant periods (such as night time) with only a minimal "wake-up" time requirement when the machine is brought back online at the touch of a button. The new Flavia brewers also have a two-tank heating system -- it takes much less energy to heat only the water that is immediately needed to optimal brew temperature, than it would take to heat all of the water in the tank. Best of all, the end-user is not affected, as Flavia machines can still brew multiple drinks in succession. Convenience and energy efficiency -- the best of both worlds!

8 ) Commercial Brewer Only; No "Shrinkage" Flavia machines are no longer sold in retail stores as Mars Drinks has decided to concentrate on the commercial market, while Keurig is widely available through conventional retail outlets. Around the holidays, you have probably seen Keurig brewers appear on the cover of countless catalogs.

Why does this matter? Every clerk, janitor, and visitor to your office is a potential K-Cup home user, who may feel a strong urge to pocket a K-Cup or two for the road. This "shrinkage" can add up to a significant added cost of the K-Cup system, versus Flavia packets which are useless outside of your office.

9 ) Less Expensive Not only does the Flavia system deliver a higher quality product, more consistently, in a more eco-friendly manner, but it is also less costly. When comparing costs, always remember that K-Cups are packed 96 per case and T-Discs are packed 80 per case, while Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea is packed 100 per case. When you compute the per-drink cost, the Flavia system will win.

Contact us today to learn more! If you have an office in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, we would love to set you up with a free trial!

6 Advantages Of Keurig's K-Cups

Single-cup coffee systems have tremendous advantages -- they allow each user to brew a fresh cup of coffee, in under a minute, to their specific tastes (light roast, dark roast, flavored, or decaf), with no leftover waste or pot to clean. Of all of the single-cup systems available for the office, here are 6 reasons why Keurig is the most popular:

1 ) More Brands In our warehouse, we currently have in stock 121 different coffee, tea, and cocoa K-Cup options. K-Cups are available from a wide variety of brands, so there is something for every taste, and boredom is not an option! K-Cup brands we sell include: Caribou Coffee, Celestial Seasonings, Coffee People, Diedrich, Gloria Jean's, Green Mountain, Newman's Own, Revv, Timothy's, Tully's, Twinings, and Wolfgang Puck.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters K-Cup Brands


2 ) Interchangeability All of the above-listed K-Cups are sold in boxes of the same size and shape. They all fit into the standard K-Cup rack -- so it is easy to mix and match your offerings from week to week! Most K-Cups are sold 24 per box, except for a few specialty items and variety packs, which are sold 22 per box. 4 boxes make up a case.


Keurig K-Cup Box Rack


3) Seasonal Coffees Green Mountain divides the calendar year into 5 seasons -- Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday. In addition to their regular, extensive coffee lineup, Green Mountain offers limited edition coffees for each season. Pumpkin Spice, Spicy Eggnog, Golden French Toast, Wicked Winter Blend, Gingerbread, Island Coconut, and Autumn Harvest Blend are all examples of seasonal coffees.


Green Mountain Seasonal Coffee K-Cups


4 ) Fair Trade and Organic Options K-Cups offer more Fair Trade and Organic options than any other single-cup brew system. Green Mountain offers a variety of Fair Trade Certified K-Cups (including the seasonal blends), as well as several Fair Trade Organic K-Cups. Wolfgang Puck also sells a Fair Trade K-Cup, while Timothy's and Caribou offer a selection of Rainforest Alliance certified coffees for the Keurig brewer.

5 ) Familiarity and Ease-Of-Use Keurig is the most popular single-cup system in the United States. Within the past couple of years, Keurig's smaller home brewers have dominated the market, so many people are already familiar with the single-cup concept before a machine is even installed in their office. There is no learning curve.

6 ) Attractive, Dependable Equipment Keurig was founded in 1992, and millions of K-Cups are brewed each day. The equipment works reliably, is "idiot-proof" and stands up to repeat use. The commercial brewers have a sleek look that should fit in nicely with your office decor.


Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Brewers


Interested in a Keurig brewer for your office? We recommend the B3000 large-office or B150 mid-size office models. Contact us for a trial in your office!

Learn All About The Flavia Merchandiser

Hand-in-hand with your Flavia single-cup coffee brewer, space-permitting, comes the product merchandiser. The merchandiser is an efficient way to house a variety of drink options. Fill the labelled drawers with filterpacks to store a large quantity of drinks in an attractive and convenient home.


Flavia C400 Coffee Brewer With Merchandiser


The standard merchandiser consists of six columns, three drawers high. However, columns can easily be added (to accommodate more drinks) or removed (to save space). Larger offices with a C400 brewer typically take a six-column, 18-count merchandiser. Smaller offices with a C200 brewer often only have space for a 4-column, 12-count merchandiser.


Flavia Merchandiser 6 Columns 18 Drawers 28 Drinks


Each drawer holds up to 40 coffee packets (2 rails) or 80 tea packets (4 rails). Due to this high-capacity, many customers choose to "split" drawers between two drinks, so they can offer more variety in less space. Since the tea packets are smaller, we strongly recommend splitting each tea drawer. Mars Drinks currently offers 17 Alterra coffees, 10 Bright Teas, plus Dove Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino Swirl, and Milky Way Swirl. With split drawers, it is easy to carry the full line of 30 options, even if your merchandiser only has 18 drawers.


Flavia Merchandiser Drawers Coffee Tea


The standard, six-column merchandiser measures 22 inches wide, 16.25 inches tall, and 16 inches deep (plus the door handles, which stick out an additional 1.25 inches).

If you already have a merchandiser and are interested in changing your labels or switching to split drawers, please give our customer service department a call.

Interested in learning more about Alterra Coffee or Bright Tea? How about a free trial?

How Do Keurig's K-Cups Work?

Keurig Brewers along with K-Cup coffees and teas have soared in popularity, both at home and in the office. But what is a K-Cup and how does it work? Your Keurig machine brews a hot cup of coffee in well under a minute, but it is NOT "instant coffee." The K-Cup itself is a sealed package which contains both real, ground coffee and a paper filter. Your coffee is brewed the same way a fresh pot of coffee is brewed -- just on a smaller scale.


X-Ray K-Cup Coffee


When you insert your K-Cup and press the brew button, holes are punctured in the top and bottom of the K-Cup, breaking the freshness seal. Hot, pressurized water is forced into the K-Cup, and your freshly brewed beverage is dispensed through the filter, and into your waiting cup.

The beauty of Keurig, and other single-cup coffee systems, is that each user can brew his or her own fresh cup of coffee, customized to their taste (dark roast, light roast, flavored, or decaf), quickly, with no leftover waste, complications, or mess. We carry a variety of Keurig brewers, including the popular B3000 (large office), B150 (smaller office), and B130 (hotel room) models. We sell countless coffees and teas in K-Cups, among them Green Mountain, Coffee People, Diedrich, Gloria Jean's, Twining's, and Wolfgang Puck.

Contact us to learn about getting a Keurig system today!

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In-Room Hotel K-Cups From Coffee Distributing Corp.

In addition to our office coffee business, we service a number of different markets. Among them the hotel industry! The Keurig B130 is the perfect in-room hotel brewer.


Keurig B130 Coffee Brewer


One of our satisfied customers is The Inn At Fox Hollow, which has been offering K-Cup coffee to its guests, with CDC's help, for nearly three years now. Below is a laminated flyer explaining the complimentary program to the guests. At Coffee Distributing we are delighted to work with our customers on customized solutions to help you get the most from our business relationship.


In Room Hotel K-Cup Coffee: Inn At Fox Hollow


What makes the Keurig B130 the perfect in-room coffee brewer? It combines the ease of Keurig -- one cup at a time, no filters or mess -- with the sanitary demands of a hotel environment. To operate the machine, the user fills it with water -- but the machine holds only enough water for one brew, so there is no standing water left over, and the machine can completely shut down after each cycle is complete. Please note that since the machine does not maintain a heated water tank, this model takes longer to brew than a standard Keurig -- about 3 minutes per cup.

From the website of our friends at the Inn At Fox Hollow:

...include a complete kitchen with a full-size refrigerator and freezer, microwave, stovetop range, dishwasher, cooking and dining utensils and dining table as well as Keurig B130 Model Single Cup Coffee Makers in all of its 145 Suites with Green Mountain Coffee (K-Cups), which can be freshly brewed within one’s suite in just 90 seconds.

Explore our website to learn more about Keurig machines and Green Mountain coffee, and contact us for information.

What Are The Yellow and Blue Tassimo Discs For?

The Tassimo single-cup system is unique in that it is a barcode-based system. The machine reads the barcode to brew each drink according to its ideal specifications. This also prevents commercial product from being used in Tassimo's home brewer models.

You'll notice an empty blue t-disc and an empty yellow t-disc come with your Tassimo system. Don't discard them! Insert the blue disc to get the brewer to dispense hot water. Insert the yellow disc to tell the machine to run a cleaning cycle.


Tassimo Blue and Yellow T-Discs


So how do tea drinkers get just hot water? Now you know!

Check out the Tassimo T-65 and Tassimo T-300 brewers, and ask us about a free trial!

Is My Flavia Coffee Machine Kosher? Yes!

As per this Kosher Certificate, all Flavia single-cup brewers -- including the C400, C200, S350, and SB100 -- are kosher. Likewise, all of the Alterra coffee and Bright Tea filterpacks are kosher certified.

However, it is important to note that the "indulgence" drinks -- Dove Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino Swirl, and Milky Way Swirl -- are not kosher.

Contact us for a free trial!

Get Energized For Legaltech NYC!

Check us out at Legaltech! There are still two days left to this huge trade show at the New York Hilton, 1335 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, New York.


Legaltech 2011 Coffee Booth


Coffee Distributing Corp. is the main coffee sponsor at this event, with a prominent booth. You can't miss us! Stop by for a complimentary cup of coffee.


Legaltech 2011 Coffee Booth


Legaltech 2011 Coffee Booth Featuring Green Mountain


Interested in something you saw, or tasted? We are the largest office coffee provider in the New York Metro area. Contact us to learn about a free trial!