New To Flavia – Tomato Soup!

Introducing Seeds of Change Tomato Soup! It’s delicious, and only 50 calories!


This product is exclusively for offices with Flavia single-cup brewers. That’s right: in addition to coffees, teas, cocoa, and cappuccino, you can now brew a hot cup of soup with your Flavia machine! And unlike some of its competitors, your Flavia drinks brew without coming into contact with the machine at all, eliminating any concerns about clean-up or cross-contamination between brews.

Order using code FLTS. Seeds of Change Tomato Soup is packed in self-merchandising kits designed to sit atop your counter or merchandiser. 14 packets per box; 5 boxes per case (for a total case count of 70 drinks).

Introducing Mars Drinks Real Milk Froth

Attention Flavia users – some changes are coming to the “Fabulous Froth” line of two-pack drinks.

Fabulous Froth Mocha is being discontinued by the manufacturer.

However, Fabulous Froth Original is back and better than ever – with a new name: Real Milk Froth. Reformulated for better taste, use Real Milk Froth Powder in combination with any drink in the Alterra Coffee or Bright Tea lineup to create a delicious cappuccino or latte. And at only 50 calories, it’s a guilt-free office indulgence!


To brew a two-pack drinks with your Flavia machine, first use the Real Milk Froth packet, and then insert your favorite coffee or tea filterpack when prompted. Experimentation and creativity are encouraged!

Alterra Donut Shop Dark Now Available!

Alterra Donut Shop Blend has become one of Mars Drinks’ more popular offerings since its 2013 debut. But many clients, especially in our New York market, have a taste for something darker. 

Introducing Alterra Donut Shop Dark! The latest “dark and intense” coffee exclusively for the Flavia single-cup brewer.


Order now using code ALTDSD. Donut Shop Dark is priced the same as the rest of the Alterra coffee lineup, and packed 20 per rail, 100 per case. Merchandiser window labels are available upon request.

More Starbucks K-Cups Now Available

The premium Starbucks K-Cup lineup has proved to be very popular since its debut, and now the array of offerings has grown by 50%! Breakfast Blend (medium roast) and French Roast (dark roast) are now available!


The full Starbucks K-Cup lineup, with our product codes, is listed below:

  • KSBV – Starbucks Veranda Blonde    
  • KSBB – Starbucks Breakfast Blend 
  • KSBCV – Starbucks Café Verona     
  • KPPD – Starbucks Decaf Pike Place 
  • KSF – Starbucks French Roast 
  • KPP – Starbucks Pike Place     

Cinnabon K-Cups Replacing Cinnamon Roll

Green Mountain has announced a SKU change to its K-Cup lineup. The popular Cinnabon brand is coming soon to a Keurig machine near you!


Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cups (code: GMKCINB) are now available for purchase. This new flavor is priced the same as the standard Green Mountain K-Cup coffees, and packed 24 per box, 96 per case.

Cinnabon K-Cups will replace Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll K-Cups. We have a limited supply of Donut House Cinnamon Roll K-Cups left in stock – once our currently supply sells out, it will be discontinued. 

However, the rest of the Donut House Collection line of K-Cups – Donut House Coffee, Donut House Decaf, and Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut – will still be available. This SKU change only affects the Cinnamon Roll K-Cups.

Alterra Italian Roast To Replace Espresso Roast

Mars Drinks has re-named their Alterra Espresso Roast product to Alterra Italian Roast (new code: ALTIR). Over the next few days, we will run out of Espresso Roast product in our warehouse and begin shipping product with the new Italian Roast packaging.


The product is exactly the same “Dark and Intense” coffee; this is just a name change.

Enjoy Peet’s Coffee With Your Flavia Brewer!

Mars Drinks is bringing another big-name coffee brand to its Flavia single-cup brewer lineup. You can now order and brew Peet’s filterpacks!

Three different Peet’s coffees are now available for use with your Flavia machine:

  • Colombia Luminosa, described as “mild, sweetly aromatic, and smooth” (code: FPCL)
  • Café Domingo, described as “smooth, balanced, and medium bodied” (code: FPCD)
  • French Roast, described as “intensely bold and smoky” (code: FPFR)

Peet’s is a premium option for our Flavia clients. Peet’s filterpacks come 20 per rail, 80 per case. 

And of course, we continue to offer Peet’s beans and ground coffee for traditional coffee brew systems!

Get The Best Price With Equal Yellow!

Due to a cost increase from our suppliers for Splenda, we have to raise our price. But, in the spirit of looking out for our loyal customers, we always seek out cost-saving alternatives. We are pleased to announce that we now carry Equal Yellow (2000-count, code: EQY2) and we are offering it for $4.00 less per case, compared to Splenda.


Splenda is a commercial name for an artificial sweetener called sucralose. Equal yellow is also sucralose – enjoy the same taste and save some money!

So now that we know that the “yellow” sweetener packets are sucralose, what about the “blue” and “pink” packets, you wonder? Equal Blue is an artificial sweetener containing aspartame, dextrose, and maltodextrin. Sweet & Low (pink) is primarily made from saccharin.

Of course, we carry them all… in addition to traditional sugar packets!

Bulk Cocoa Mix: Kayo Replaces Swiss Miss

If you use individual Swiss Miss packets to make hot chocolate, don't worry, nothing is changing. Swiss Miss packets -- available in Plain (CHSM), No Sugar Added (CHM), and With Marshmallows (CHSMM) -- continue to be available.
However, if you use 2-lb bags of bulk cocoa mix in a cannister of your hot drinks brewer, you will notice the brand on your next delivery change from Swiss Miss to Kayo. Kayo hot cocoa mix comes in the same size packaging -- 12 two-pound bags per case -- and we are keeping your price the same. Please use the new product code KAYO in place of the discontinued product code, WMS1.


Kayo Replaces Swiss Miss Bulk Cocoa


Interested in a bean-to-cup single-cup coffee brewer with cannisters for cocoa and cappuccino for your office? Contact us today to learn more!

Introducing Flavia Iced Coffees And Teas

Just in time for Summer, Mars Drinks has unveiled a new addition to its growing seasonal category: Iced Drinks!


Get All Three "Over Ice" Drinks In One Kit!


These drinks are conveniently packed in a self-merchandising variety kit that sits atop your existing merchandiser -- no need to eliminate an offering to add this to your lineup of coffees and teas. Each kit contains:

  • 12 Iced Vanilla Coffee freshpacks
  • 6 Iced Sweet Peach Tea freshpacks
  • 6 Iced Sweet Tea freshpacks

Three 24-count kits make up each 72-count case. Cases are priced consistently with Alterra coffee cases, for ease of ordering. Use CDC product code FLICE to order.


It is recommended that you brew these drinks using your Flavia brewer's "regular" setting, and then pour the contents over a 16-ounce cup of ice.

Snapple Iced Tea K-Cups Available

Green Mountain has partnered with Snapple to offer a new line of iced tea K-Cups -- now available for delivery to your office by CDC!

  • Snapple Lemon Iced Tea (CDC Code: SKITL)
  • Snapple Peach Iced Tea (CDC Code: SKITP)
  • Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea (CDC Code: SKITR)

These drinks are meant to be brewed over ice and will replace Green Mountain's line of "Perfect Iced Teas" as inventories are depleted.


Try These New Snapple K-Cups Today!


Contact us to add these items to your catalog, or to learn more about installing a Keurig brewer in your office!


Peet's K-Cups Now Available!

CDC's K-Cup menu continues to grow! We are excited to announce that the popular Peet's coffee brand is now available in a K-Cup.

Two new products are available:

  • Peet's Major Dickason's Blend (CDC Code: PKMJ)
  • Peet's Cafe Domingo (CDC Code: PKCD)

Peet's K-Cups Now Available!


Major Dickason's Blend is considered a deep roast, while Cafe Domingo is a medium roast coffee.

Peet's coffee continues to be available in whole bean as well as ground fractional packs. We also carry Peet's teas.

Whether you want the convenience of a single-cup Keurig machine, the freshness of bean-to-cup, or a batch brew system, Peet's is now available to your office, through CDC. Contact us today!

Free Cooler With New Teas' Tea Program

Teas' Tea -- a popular item for us in 16.9 oz plastic bottles -- is now available in 8.2 cans! The new cans are packed 30 per case and available in two varieties: Pure & Smooth Green Tea, and Elegant Jasmine Green Tea.

To sweeten the deal for this unsweetened tea, we are offering free cooler loans to customers who purchase these new can products. Get a free cooler delivered along with a minimum order of just 6 cases of product!


Coolers measure 26"H x 17"W x 19"D and hold a capacity of 84 cans.

Available Teas' Tea products and codes:

  • TEATGC: Pure Green Tea Cans 30/8.2 oz
  • TEATGJC: Jasmine Green Tea Cans 30/8.2 oz
  • TEATGG: Pure Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGJ: Jasmine Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGO: Golden Oolong Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGR: Rose Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGW: Green White Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATLG: Lemongrass Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATMT: Mint Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please contact us today!

Decaf Eight O'Clock K-Cups Now Available

Attention Keurig users: we've added a third option to our Eight O'Clock coffee lineup: Original Decaf.


Order using product code KEIGHTD. Also try the other Eight O'Clock coffees: Original (KEIGHT) and Hazelnut (KEIGHTH).

Note that K-Cup coffees can only be used with Keurig single-cup brewers. Don't yet have one in your office? Check out the available Keurig single-cup coffee brewers and ask us about a free trial!

Central Park Full City 2.5 Oz Now Available

One of our most popular Estate Select coffees - Central Park Full City Roast - is now available in a new size: 2.5 ounce fractional packs! Great news for offices using or considering Estate Select coffee!

Now available:

  • BCPFULL: Estate Select Central Park Full City Bean 2/5 lb
  • X143: Estate Select Central Park Full City 20/8 oz 
  • X212: Estate Select Central Park Full City 42/2.5 oz 

Starbucks Pike Place Replaces House Blend

In conjunction with bringing its most popular retail coffee -- Pike Place -- to the office coffee channel, Starbucks has now discontinued House Blend and House Blend Decaf. 


Introducing Starbucks Pike Place Coffee


Discontinued SKU's:

  • SBUCKH1: House Blend Bean 6/1 lb
  • SBUCKD1: Decaf House Blend Bean 6/1 lb
  • X306: House Blend 18/2.5 oz
  • X388: Decaf House Blend 18/2.5 oz
  • X306B: House Blend 28/9 oz
  • X388B: Decaf House Blend 28/9 oz

New SKU's:

  • SBUCKPP1: Pike Place Bean 6/1 lb
  • SBUCKPPD1: Decaf Pike Place Bean 6/1 lb
  • X159: Pike Place 18/2.5 oz
  • X107: Decaf Pike Place 18/2.5 oz
  • X341: Pike Place 28/9 oz
  • X342: Decaf Pike Place 28/9 oz

Fabulous Froth Replaces Flavia Cappuccino Swirl

Starting with today's orders, Alterra Fabulous Froth Original will replace Flavia Cappuccino Swirl on all orders. Flavia Cappuccino Swirl has been discontinued by Mars Drinks.


Fabulous Froth Original works in the same manner as Cappuccino Swirl, as the first step in a "two-pack drink" option with your Flavia C400, Flavia C200, or Flavia C150 single-cup brewer. Select the Cappuccino or Latte option on your machine, brew your Fabulous Froth pack first, then insert your coffee or tea filterpack of choice when prompted. After just about a minute of total brew time, you will be enjoying a fresh indulgent drink, made right in your office, and requiring no expertise or clean-up.


Fabulous Froth Filterpack


Fabulous Froth Original is packed 18 per rail, or 72 rails per case. Rail and case prices are the same as Cappuccino Swirl.

Note: Fabulous Froth Original is not meant to be brewed as a stand-alone beverage.

Flavia Milky Way Swirl will also be transitioning to a new product (Fabulous Froth Mocha) in about a week. Stay tuned for more information.

Flavia brewers are the preferred office coffee solution. Contact us to learn more about bringing this system to your office!

New: Alterra Donut Shop Blend For Flavia

Attention, Flavia users! We are excited to introduce a brand new Alterra coffee that we expect to become an instant favorite: Donut Shop Blend!

Grab a cup of this delightful coffee and enjoy the balanced notes of caramel, berry, and honey. A classic, reinterpreted!

Order Donut Shop Blend using product code ALTDON. It is available by rail of 20 packets or case of 100 packets. Donut Shop Blend fits into Alterra's "Medium and Balanced" category.


Alterra Donut Shop Blend Coffee


Interested in getting a Flavia brewer for your office? Contact us today for a free trial!